Wei Shao 3 first three color matching physical appreciation Wei Shao 3 release information

Recently, the performance of the NBA is phenomenon. He seems to play him with the performance of the MVP season. As he is constantly moving with the Rockets and Harden, these two people seem to have more and more championships. Although the Lakers express the bright eye this season but their lineup has a lot of defects, can Wei Shao get the first championship this year? Below you, you will bring you a 3 first three color items

Nike Shoes Jordan 1

Appreciation and Wei Shao 3 release information, let\’s take a look at Xiaobian!

Wei Shao 3 Zer0 Noise Color

The whole double shoe color application is extreme

Nike Shoes Drip

is rich, bold to integrate TV-free screen into the body design, cover Black, white, gray, fluorescent green, pink, purple blue, etc. It is not only in line with the fashion aesthetic style outside the Wei\’s Course, but the meaning behind the color is not a honesty, but also focused on the attitude of the game.

少 3 The family color

This Jordan Why Why Zer0.3 is also as much as Wei Shao. The upper is mixed with mesh, leather, suede, etc., the deconstruction design injection and the shoe straps are bonded, which gives the shoes and the distinctive avant-garde fashion. ZOOM AIR air cushion and separation outsole, guarantees

Nike Shoes Low

The shoes can provide excellent response in the game.

Wei Shao 3 HeartBeat Color

Ordan Brand and Wei Shao, I hope that people around the world can enjoy basketball in this way, and each People who love basketball bring a positive impact. This pair is called the most complex basketball shoes this year, both in performance or color, bring full of power!

Wei Shao 3 Off Information

It is reported that Jordan Why Why Zer0.3 \\\”Zer0 Noise\\\” will be used as the first color matching on January 2 Unveiled, then \\\”The Family\\\” will be released on January 9th, \\\”Heartbeat\\\” will be released on February 27, like friends pay attention ~