ROKIT X KYRIE 5 gray orange color release information Ou text 5 octopus fake comparison

ROKIT X KYRIE 5 was officially released in the beginning of this year, and there was a favorite fans of countless preferred fans after sale. Recently, there is news that ROKIT X KYRIE 5 will launch a new color, and some netizens say that this is also possible. The last scorpion of the European 5 Series. Let\’s take a look at this Owen 5\’s ending together.

ROKIT X KYRIE 5 Gray Orange Color HD Subject Appreciation

This is different from Owen 5


The Owen 5 generations issued in the previous year This shoe uses a gray dark as the main color tone, and the black shoe body is in the orange line. It creates a very strong visual impact

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This shoe is still using the design of the fishworm and the back hook module. . The brightestness is designed with silver back hooks that run through the body, echoes each other with ROKIT.

ROKIT X KYRIE 5 gray orange color release information

It is reported that this shoe has been sold under the ROKIT store, only 300 pairs of limited edition. As for the price, it is of course not low. Limited, this shoe is also exceptionally collected. Conditional small partners may wish to go to the relevant channels.

Ou Wen 5 octopus true and false comparison

The external contrast

There is no color difference in front of the two shoes, and the shoe-shaped width is consistent.

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Side partial contrast

shoe port part, we can see that Owen 5 has a part of the upper part In the end, there is such a transition that is thin enough, praise this design. The upper foot can obviously feel the wrap resistance of the shoes, and the ankle can get good flexibility while the ankle is in the exercise.

Shoe side

side shoe height, two pairs of shoes height, sole thickness have reached an amazing consistent.