Philipido X adidas new joint series spy photos Philippine is

Recently, Adidas joined hands with fashion trend music producer Fei Die launched a new spring series of shoes. This series of real micropatograms finally ushered in exposure, let Xiaobian lead everyone to see it!

Philipphi X Adidas brand new joint series spy photos

Pharrell Williams and Adidas Originals have recently officially labeled 2020 Spring New Collaboration Series, including Solar Hu, Stan Smith, Nizza Hi, Continental 80 and SC Premiere have a total of five pairs of shoes.

Where Solar Hu uses blue main, with yellow, orange, green multi-color as a shoe body; the remaining shoes use rice white through the body, the middle part. The whole series is very good ~

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Philippine X adidas brand new joint series for sale

It is reported that Adidas X Philippine The new joint series is about to be released this month. Like friends may wish to pay more attention, Xiaobian will continue to pay attention!


Philippine, full name is Pharrell Williams, he is a music producer, but he has multiple identity, singer, production People, or boss, have their own brands, and have a lot of influence in the modern circle. So everyone calls him Philippine, is also a nickname. Just like you call Li Qi, Zhang Zi is equal. One

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Farre Williams, born in US, American singer, music producer in April 1973.

In 1990, Farre Williams formed his first band \\\”Neptune\\\”. In 1992, it was a combination of rapel group WRECKX-N-Effect and R \\u0026 amp; B combined SWV, 1994 Hai Wangxing Le It turned into a combination of production, 1995-1997 Farl Williams continued to make music for all kinds of artists, in 1998 through Nore\’s underground single \\\”Superthug\\\”, people know that they are familiar with Hairwang

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production style. In 2001, he made a Nerd Music Band with his friends Shae Haley. The first album in 2003 \\\”The Neptunes Present: Clones\\\”Won the full-US pop alice champion.On March 3, 2014, the second recording room \\\”GI RL\\\” was released, which included the personal first champion single \\\”Happy\\\”, obtained the 2014 Osca Best Original Song Award.In 2015, he got the 57th Grammy\’s best popular artist award with \\\”Happy\\\”.Outside the singer, Farre Williams is keen on the design of the clothing, and is selected for the first 10 \\\”International Best Lings\\\” in 2014.