Paul\’s feet new CP13 signature shoes Paul 13 generation how much how does it?

At the beginning of the year


broke the spy photos of the 13-generation basketball shoes and related information, but the picture of the ball shoes is unclear, recently Paul\’s new CP13 Basketball shoes, all-round exposure, also indicate that this pair of shoes will be released soon, let\’s take a look at Xiaobian.

Paul\’s feet new CP13 signing shoes

In recent training, Paul\’s new personal 13th generation signature shoes, and artificial support will be more than CP12 There are many woven fabrics, if you follow ZOOM, even if you feel hard, I think it can be entered. This shoe adds an ankle to feel a double good shoe.

How much does Paul 13 generations?

Paul 13 generation sales price 699 yuan, the specific delivery time is still to be determined, it is estimated that these Ha.

Xiaobian also remembered that Paul 12 generations were grabbed by countless small partners in Double eleven activities last year, this time the 13-generation Flykint woven, guaranteed the package Sexually breathable and comfortable. The built-in front facade zoom air cushion air cushion is still very obvious in active feelings. For many budget limited

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, the shoes for sale at 699 are really kind.

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How is Paul 13

Let\’s take a look at how the netizen is saying:

[123 ] Is this added a hook? ? How is it not the same as the previous orderchart. The sole is not changed, it should not be 13, the version of the playoffs is larger.

The soles and 12 generations are almost the same. Will it be a 12-generation playoff version, if not a cp13, I feel that it should be 12 playoffs version, this is still good, The actual combat should not be turned to the car, see that it may be the best practical shoes in 2020, haha;

Although the leather upper is old, it is better than the previous generation.