Nike PG2 physical spy photos NIKE Pen 2 configuration

Nike Pabberry 2 has now been exploding, as before, PG1 is not good in the actual ball shoe, I believe this pair of PG2 will also become the property. So, how is the real thing of NIKE PG2? Let\’s take a look at the spy photos that come out of this feet!

Nike PG2 physical spy photos

Just brush Weibo, and we should not see a pair of shoes before, that should be a branch, not a positive generation, shoe body and one [123 Nike Sweatsuit

The generation is like, the front palm mat, the middle is like the same as HD17, the insole is very thick, the spring is released, the

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is also coming out in the first quarter Let\’s work with the KD series, the branch line may come out at the same time!

This pair of shoes think is very good!

PG2 configuration

The field will adopt the full rubber, provide persistent durability and multi-directional friction performance

shoes in front of the face The comfort of the breathable

The inner boots structure is convenient to wear, stable fit

The inner side of the shoe collar is closely packaged, fully locking ankle

Lace with the shoe body two sides of the belt Continuously wearing

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on the upper, tightened the laces with obvious wrap

Terminal cloth on the upper and lower links pass, increase additional flexible lock sensation [ 123]

What is the middle bottom

Premise Zoom Air to speed up the rapid reaction

6MM Bubble insole increased striking performance

Soft foam Low-key practical, improved landing