NIKE Kobe 9 Silk Silk Road Official Release

Kobe Branet is not only in the stadium to attract

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The world\’s fans have been visiting different cities around the world, promoting basketball movement in the global development.Kobe 9 Silk has been inspired by the Silk Road of the East and Western, and mixed different cultures

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feature to show the contribution of the world\’s basketball.Kobe 9 Silk is inspired by Silk Road, symbolizing the influence of Kobe Bryant in the global

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, and contributions to East and West basketball.In ancient times, the purple silk is the most expensive, so Kobe 9 Silk\’s engineering mesh material is especially purple, which is mainly mixed with gold Nike logo, Kobe\’s logo and signature.Purple floor concept of Kobe 9 Silk. Concept from ancient valuable purple silk.