Nike HypeRadapt 1.0 black color color sale? Nike HyperaDapt 1.0 \\\”Habanero Red\\\” next year

Nike HypeRadaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptapta Past, this pair is expensive

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Nike\’s latest high-tech running shoes, a new color ushered in the sale, this time is a black Red colorful hyperadaptapt 1.0, red is mainly black, it is embellished, the friends are going to see, let\’s take a look at Xiaobian to see how this new shoes are.

Nike HypeRadaptaptaPT 1.0 black color color is good

Nike HypeRadapt 1.0 new color series \\\”Habanero Red\\\” colorful official picture has now flowing out. As the first dual adoption of NIKE performance sports shoes, HypeRadapt 1.0 can be said

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represents the development direction of future shoes, and this double color is used in addition to using red In addition to the main adjustment, it is more in a particular upper texture, and the visual effect is more intense. As for the automatic strap system and the MT2 midsole sensor is still the core.

Nike HypeRadapt 1.0 \\\”Habanero Red\\\” release information

This pair of Hyperadapt 1.0 will be officially released in 2018, priced is $ 720, like a small partner remember timely Pay attention.

Nike HypeRadaptapt 1.0 is so expensive

as the first double Nike most

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New technology breakthrough \\\”applicable\\\” system performance sports shoes, it will Digital, depth research in the field of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering is transformed into a product that is born for sports. Compared with Air MAG, HypeRadapt 1.0 is a pair of works that are more simply appreciate.

When wearing HypeRadapt 1.0, the lace will automatically be automated when the foot is on the inductor, and the sole will also make bright light to create science fiction. In addition, there is \\\”Loosen\\\” and \\\”Tightening\\\” next to the shoe, allowing users to adjust to the most comfortable state. This pair of \\\”Sport Royal\\\” shoe the shoe is used to make a main adjustment, and it is more echo with the middle of the light emitted and the end.