Nike Commemorative Shoes \\\”Blue Ribbon Sports\\\” Offers NIKE Releases the latest historical commemorative shoes

Nike, 1972, is a blue belt sports company that is currently the current NIKE President Phil Knight and Bill Bauerman. In January 1967, Jeff Johnson opened the first Blue Ribbon Sports store. Just in this month, Nike In order to commemorate Blue Ribbon Sports, two very memorable shoes, interested partners quickly followed the Xiaobian!


Nike Ribbon Sports


One of the most representative running shoes with NIKE is blue in Blue, and is a Cortez 72 shoe-like-style in Nikelab.

One hit white dress, delicate leather

Nike Shoes Womns

material to create a suede, a suede is mixed, and the inside and outside Swoosh logo is mixed with black and white鸳鸯 design brings full retro atmosphere.

Bubble shoes with retro logo, after the heel shoes comes with 1 of 3107 words echotherapy, simultaneous add SWOOSH windmill logo, the center injection of this theme orange Perfect the design of the whole double shoe.

Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 \\\”Blue Ribbon Sports\\\” Intronization Analysis

Signboard air dynamics styles, woven upper provides excellent gas permeability and parcels Sexual, equipped with ZOOM X and React double-layer cushioning technology, bringing a feeling of feet for contemporary runners.

A simple Swoosh logo in the inside of the tongue and 1972 numbers reveals Nike\’s history – 19972 officially established Nike.

The shoes are equally in the Swoosh windmill, and the left and right feet have 1 of 3107 words and Running words, so many details, more distinctive, more than the identity value of the whole double shoe.


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Ke Memorial Shoes \\\”Blue Ribbon Sports\\\”Information

At present, the two shoes have been sold in overseas areas, priced for $ 100 and $ 180, and there is no specific offer information in China. Interested friends may wish to refer to the next square.

Nike Ribbon Sports

Item No .: CK9667-100

Offering price: $ 100

NIKE ZOOM PEGASUS TURBO 2 \\\”Blue Ribbon Sports\\\”

Item No .: CK9661-800

Offers: $ 180

Blan Ribbon Sports Commemorative Significance [123 ]

In 1908, Len, Massachusetts built a shoe factory, and local shoe technology has been further developed. Where workers are no longer independent, NIKE shoes, each production session of the shoes is responsible for being trained. The production line begins to form. The initial NIKE shoes are still custom-made, but in order to make workers have something to do in the off-season, the shoes are not booked. These shoes are called the shoes for sale, in the window of the local shop.

In 1958, the founder of the founder Phil. Oregon State University track and field team players, returning to Portland after graduation.

In 1963, Filler Nit and his mentor Bill Bauke, who graduated from Oregon University, found a company named \\u0026 quot; Blue Ribbon Sports Main sports supplies. In 1964, Nate and his coach Bauerman have funded $ 500, set up a sports shoes, named Blue Belt Sports Goods.

In 1972, Nike was formally established. Its predecessor is a blue belt sports company in the current NIKE President Phil Nit and Bill Bauerman.

In 2001, Nike has launched a new cushioning technology called SHOX after developing air cushion technology. Sneakers produced by this technology are also deeply popular, and the sales section climbed.