New Balance to open custom service New balance how to read

For many tide shoes, the favorite and purchase requirements for the shoes are not limited to limited amounts, joints. More and more players like to pursue personality DIY shoes, so many brands have gradually opened custom services. This new balance also opened the custom service specific situation. Let\’s take a look at you together!

New Balance Opens the custom service

In recent years, the shoes have become unable to get in many young people. At the same time with people\’s pursuit of individuality, custom shoe begins to gradually be accepted by everyone, and many \\\”Tuhao\\\” players are willing to pay for a pair of custom shoes. For ordinary players, the official custom projects such as Nike, Vans and other brands are the best choice. Recently, New Balance also officially opened custom services, easily meet the desire of fans DIY custom!

Currently, New Balance Overseas official website supports custom shoe contains 10 shoe types such as 990V5, 997S, 997, 574. Today, the classic 992 shoe will also be released again. Players can use their own creativity to total the customization of 18 details, bring unlimited possibilities for design. For domestic players, New Balance still offers 990V5, 997, and 574 shoe-type custom services. Like some friends can go to the official website custom!

New Balance how to read

New Balance, Newbalen

Nike Tanjun

(Brand of Shoes) Phonetic: [NJU ː] [\\u0026 # 39 BæL (ə) NS]

Nike Shox

New Balance has its own unique culture, adheres to the products

Nike Tmac Shoes

multi-width, multi-high shoe. This is the design of humanity, is also the most basic care, bringing the most comfortable adapter of each consumer.

New Balance Since its inception in Boston, 1906, New Balance has made the spirit of manufacturing excellence, continuous progress in technology, product appearance and comfort. The only thing that is unchanged is New Balance to operate with high standard ethics, 100% customer satisfaction, teamwork, with a view to become high-tech. \\\”New Balance\\\” encountered a trademark infringement in the domestic market. On April 24, 2015, the Guangzhou Intermediate People\’s Court made a first-instance judgment on this attractive trademark right dispute. The hospital considers, New US NewBALANCE\’s related companies in China – New Balance Trade (China) Co., Ltd., for the use of others has been registered with trademark \\\”New Balance\\\”, constitutes a violation of the trademark of others, and must compensate for 98 million yuan.