Li Ningkang 2Ace 2An Light Edition Offers Excovery Dao 2 Fluorescent Green Delivery

Li Ning Paris fashion Zhouzhi brought a lot of Li Ning Kao 2, causing a lot of attention, recently a new colorful Li Ning King Road 2Ace fluorescent green horses

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Sales, then when this night version of Li Ning King 2 is on sale? Wu Dao 2 fluorescent green goods big? Li Ningkang 2 fluorescent green feet nice? Let\’s take a look at the related information about the night version of Li Ning King Road with Xiaobian.

Li Ning Kang Dao 2Ace Night Edition Offers

Li Ning King Road 2Acen Fluorescent Green will be released at Li Ning official website on September 8th, and Wu\’s ACE has always been sold out.

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The friends who want to buy must be prepared.

Wu Dao 2 fluorescent green is large?

Xiaobian feels that Wu Kao 2 fluorescent green goods is big, According to Li

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Ning Zhou\’s previous sales of the provenance 2, the purchase or a certain difficult

This Li Ning King 2 fluorescent green overall upper is gray green The color is main, the outer layer is accompanied by a gray leather that provides support function. Under the night, the whole double shoe is still the effect of glowing, and it is still very good


Li Ningkang 2Ace 2Ace \\\”No. 123]

The price of the official announcement is 899, and the previous price is consistent, currently the market price is higher than the original price

After all, it is Paris Fashion Week. Li Ning Kao 2 Series is still very popular

But if you must evaluate, it is very handsome, very comfortable, very good, recently do not change shoes, every day understanding,

To tell the shortcomings, cleaning brush is more troublesome after the metal is modular, but this is not something ~