Leather + Alternative Weaving Design!Can make this AIR Jordan 5 like this!

In recent years, with the continuous development of the ball shoes, more and more young people have begun to pursue more personal dressing. Even if many brands have launched official custom services, they still have no need for players. Therefore, many domestic and foreign women\’s shoes custom group

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have the rise, including \\u0026 ldquo; Bark Shoes Surgeon \\u0026 Rdquo; The Shoe Surgeon, known for us, recently brought us two customized versions Air Jordan 5. On the basis of the footwear of Air Jordan 5, two shoes are made with leather materials, and the continuation of the team has consistently luxurious production level. The maximum bright spot is a fabric splicing design similar to the blanket material in the belt portion. It brings a completely refreshing design style. At the same time, the left and right feet is colorful design, and the color of the body is greatly got greatly. Designed with color lining to improve the design of the whole double shoe. Two black, white color colors were launched, in which the black models had an Oxidation of Oxidation of OFF-WHITE X Air Jo

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RDAN 5. White is a more refreshing visual effect with light blue crystals. In addition, The Shoe Surgeon has also created a new style of Off-White X Air Jordan 1 and ATMOS Elephant style Nike Lebron 3, and the value is realistive! At present, two customized version of Air Jordan 5 is already in the Shoe Surgeon

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Official website is officially launched, priced is $ 5,000, equivalent to RMB is about ¥ 35,000, and it is necessary to have many friends. I can have an eye addiction like Xiaobian! More shoes information, we will continue to pay attention, and bring follow-up tracking reports in the first time. Pic Via: Theshoesurgeon