Just on the shelves!\\\”Green Giant\\\” Color Air Jordan 1 MID can now buy it!

Last year, Jordan Brand intentionally creating a series of joints and grab color colors around Air Jordan 1 MID.

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Higher cost ratio also makes Air Jordan 1 a lot of choices for many shoes players. Previously we reported a pair of \\\”green giants\\\” AIR Jordan 1 MID, put the superhero Haoke in the Mouri series movie in the shoe design, and the mount of the fans is blessed! The whole double shoe puts the green giant\’s color style into the shoe, green, white, and purple combination presents a full-scale visual effect, and has to say the value is quite online. Details use fine

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tantali material to create a morale, while the white upper is marked with a marker breathable hole design. The footwear position is in the Purple Flying Wing LOGO, and the green outline is used. Although the whole double shoe is not Jordan Brand and the joints of the \\\”Green Giant\\\” fans, it is worth starting! Currently, the new Air Jordan 1 Mid \\u0026 ldquo; Incredible Hulk \\u0026 Rdquo; has been officially put on the domestic NIKE official website, the sale price is ¥ 969 RMB, interested friends

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may wish to click the next link to start now ! More ball shoes, we will continue to pay attention and bring the latest report in the first time! Air Jordan 1 Mid \\u0026 ldquo; INCREDIBLE HULK \\u0026 RDQUO; INCREDIBLE HULK \\u0026 RDQUO; Item No .: 554724-300 Offers: ¥ 969 RMB Starts Link: Air Jordan 1 MID \\u0026 LDQUO; Incredible Hulk \\u0026 Rdquo;