Is the coconut 500 high for sale? How is the coconut 500?

This year\’s coconut shoes can be described as a wave, and many small partners can\’t live with money, but they don\’t seem to stop, especially in this year, I exposed a pair of exposure Yeezy. 500 Slate coloring shoes, recently have physical map exposure, estimated distance sale

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is not far away, let\’s take a look at the coconut together with Xiaobian of interest. 500 high help information.

How is the coconut 500?

At present, this pair of coconut 500 high help has not been released, let\’s take a look at the exposure real map online

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The overall shape continues the familiar retro dress of Yeezy 500, and the black shoe is still constructed with the lychee leather. In addition to the except for the raising shoes, another difference is that the original low-top version of the upper breathable mesh, this time you use dark blue neoprene to show people, pursue breathable friends may be disappointed!

Continued Yeezy 500 imitation feet shape in the middle, and the embeddiPrene ㊉ slows down technology, which is not different from the low version.

The news said that Yeezy 500 High will be officially released in December this year, and the offer price is $ 220, we will continue to pay attention and bring tracking reports in the first time!

How to clean

If you are cleaning, you can buy a bottle of suede. Directly to clean up (this general customer service will guide you),

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If you trouble, you will directly throw a professional shoe store, don\’t just find a dry cleaning shop;

Why is Yeezy500 not, it is very hot

1. The individual thinks that the goods are not a refurbance, the two are not directly related. The fire is only in my impression

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is popular and touted, and there is no direct relationship with the price. Do you say Hender Scheme? Expect. But is it fire? Not fire.

2. There is no boost in the bottom, and I jump out of the comfort area created by Boost.

3. There is no Boost, and it is also the show in the old man\’s shoes. In addition, it is based on ADIDAS a sports brand.

I want to make it that fire can not be directly linked to the second-hand market price. Can only say the size of the volume and fashionThe focus of the world has determined the sales price of its second-hand market.But the fire is popular in a wide range of popularity, you say a series of running shoes and popular Stan Smith series, fire?It is still very fire.But the price is not high.