How to sell Nike AF One \\\”Habanero RED\\\”

The bubbles have always been one of the actual combat shoes that is a small partner, and the small partners who have passed the feet know that the furdies shoes are super good. Recently Nike Air Foamposite One \\\”Habanero Red\\\” released physical spy photos in recent days, let\’s take a look.

Air Foam Orange Red Color

It is reported that this Nike Air Foamposite One \\\”Habanero Red\\\” will be available on October 26, the price is $ 230 USD, Xiaobian will Continue to pay attention to its subsequent dynamics.

Nike Air Foamp

Nike Shoes Kyrie 7

Osite One \\\”Habanero Red\\\”

Item No: 314996-604

Offering date : $ 230 USD

Nike AF One \\\”Habanero Red\\\”

P rod nike shoes

This \\\” Habanero Red \\\”

Season 9 Nike Shoes

The color skirt is used with a matte effect of orange red foam material. The detail of the upper is in large red, and the backheel is also printed with NIKE word details, with The big bottom of the whole black dress, I believe it is a popular color.

In fact, it is not difficult to find that the splings of the shoe shoes look very comfortable, very smooth, and the texture is excellent.

Nike AF One \\\”Habanero RED\\\” is worth starting?

This shoe level is nothing to say, the actual combat is quite good, but it is a bit of breathability.

In fact, Xiaobian feels that it is actually quite good. Like a small partner can consider it.