From zero to 1: The legend of the first pair of Air Max

What is zero? In mathematics, it is nothing; it is just a number used to represent \\u0026 ldquo; no RDQUO; In Nike, zero is meaningful. It means that the beginning, meaning the initial idea means that the genius of the great thing is given. In this regard, the nike air max zero

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, this is the idea of \\u200b\\u200bpainting on paper before 29 years ago, affecting the innovation of nearly 30 years. Although it is not possible to become the first NIKE Air Max product. But without it, there is no Nike Air Max 1. The first step of Nike Air Max Zero, before Air Max 1. Nike Air Max Zero unprecedented revolutionary \\u0026 ldquo; Nothing instructions or research is a simple discovery. I think: \\u0026 lsquo; Why can\’t we design an exciting new running shoes, show what is the real NIKE AIR? \\u0026 RSQUO; \\u0026 RDQUO; Tinker Hatfield said. At that time, Nike has launched Nike Air, which is popular in running enthusiasts. But Huckfield understands this is not enough. The sensibility of the air cushion of the foot needs to be strengthened. \\u0026 ldquo; I remember that we were thinking at the time, how to make the air-sole unit get more and more. People need to see and understand what is one thing, \\u0026 rdquo; Huckfield recalls. Nike has a technology. It is needed to show the world to the world. Therefore, Huckfield took the paper and started design. The next thing happening has achieved history: As we all know, Huckfield went to Paris to visit the Pompidu Art Center, which was inspired by the unique anti-traditional design of this building. After returning to Oregon, he sat down, on a revolutionary running shoe, gave the concept of visibility cushion. This is the story that most people know, but this is just half of the story. NIKE Air Max 1 is designed to be formed. Instead, it is the result of several repeated designs. The earliest air cushion is the concept of air max zero. Huckfield did not know how many years of design became a reality, he just wants to design a necessary shoe with the best comfort and performance. \\u0026 ldquo; I want to make a smaller in the middle, stand up in the most supported place, falling down in the unwanted place, \\u0026 rdquo; Huckfield remember. He designed the upper to comfort the foot, there is no sucks, and draws on the design of Nike Sock Racer in 1985. The design sketch also includes an external footwear belt without a heel stabilizer. Until 1991 launched Nike Air Huarache, this design concept was for people. \\u0026 ldquo;This design appears before hurache. It is a bit like a sandals design surrounding heels and heels, and Huckfield returns to his initial design. In short, Huckfield designed a very advanced shoe, but it could not be produced. \\u0026 ldquo; In many ways, it exceeds the era of the time, \\u0026 ldquo; Huckfield said, \\u0026 ldquo; not just appearance, and its structure. It is not advanced to our skills and materials that can be provided at that time. \\u0026 rdquo; Faced with reality, Huckfield is forced to reinterpret his design, which has Nike Air Max 1. Only Nike Air Max 1, this pair of shoes, triggered the change of running shoes industry. Visual air cushions are quickly used from running shoes to basketball shoes. Over time, Nike Air Max sublimated from the initial running shoes as a widely recognized lifestyle worldwide. The returning manuscript is the initial drawn Air Max Zero manuscript in the fanatics. However, in an access to Nike Archives, it has been an unexpected change. The manuscript of Air Max Zero has been forgotten in the archives room for 29 years. Until one day Nike Sportswear

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When looking for the upcoming second Air Max Day, unintentionally discovered this interesting manuscript. \\u0026 ldquo; we will host Air Max Retrospective, including some early prototypes and samples that have never seen the day, \\u0026 rdquo; responsible for turning Air Max Zero into reality Nike Designer Graeme Mcmillan arrive. \\u0026 ldquo; It is like an archaeological excavation, because unless you can dig it, otherwise, you can never see it. \\u0026 rdquo; Once the origin of the manuscript is found, the team knows how to do it. \\u0026 ldquo; This manuscript has never been fully achieved, \\u0026 rdquo; McMillon recalls. \\u0026 ldquo; We believe that if you can share with the world, people understand Nike\’s development is great. \\u0026 rdquo; Unexpectedly, McMille\’s first impression of Halfield\’s manuscript is very accurately summarized. \\u0026 ldquo; I think it is more like modern version of AIR MAX 1, \\u0026 RDQUO; Mcmellen said. He immediately noted the traces of Huarache and Sock Racer on the inner cylinder and non-traditional sunshine. At the same time, he also felt the pressure on the shoulder, he realized that the need to reinterpret HuckelGerman manuscript and make it a reality. \\u0026 ldquo;

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There is a responsibility to be loyal to the initial design intent when making this shoe, but we also add other innovative elements that cannot be used in 1987, \\u0026 rdquo; Mike Mirren said. From the drawings to finished products, the two major designers met, Huckfield made a comprehensive explanation to McMillan, emphasizing his original design intended to achieve the best comfort. Tinker Hatfield and Graeme Mcmillan discuss Air Max Zero to ensure the sketch becomes a reality, to achieve the goal of Huckfield, McMimen has increased the request and joined the latest Nike innovation. These innovative technologies include Air Max 1 Ultra under the latest AIR MAX 1 Ultra Moire, which drilled the pHYLON in the middle structure and the thermal melt of the volume and not supported, and can help build special The adhesive tip does not lose gas. The use of these technologies realized the initial concept of Huckfield, and the first step was first.