Deformation AJ1 Spy photos Appreciation Air Jordan 1 High and Low Conversion

Everyone knows that AJ1 is a very famous shoe, and the status of the trend is also getting higher and higher! AJ1 is also divided into three high-quality shoes to high school, and has recently come up with a deformation AJ1 that will combine it with high-end! Very playability! Everyone can

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to look at it with fun!

Deformation AJ1 Spy photos Appreciation

The most surprising thing is that this pair of shoes can be high, low Helping the deformation, the original high help can be unloaded through the zipper designer around the ankle, becoming a pair of low-to-help Air Jordan 1.

Such design is probably the first time in the balloon ring, can buy a pair of shoes to have several kinds of footwear match, not only the high and low help can buy a high, good look Not good to see, the degree of personality is absolutely full, such a pair of AIR Jordan 1 I am afraid that someone can refuse!

AIR Jordan 1 High and low-cost release information

As one of the most popular shoe type, Air Jordan has been loved by the players in the shoes for more than a year. As the color of the color, some people have begun to have aesthetic fatigue, think that the new product of Air Jordan 1 lacks sincerity, is a simple palette design. At present, there is no information exposure in this pair of shoes. It is unclear whether it is a new joint shoe, and there is no information, we will continue to pay attention and bring tracking reports in the first time!

Can AJ1 can sunb?

Shoe cards are written! Anyway, it is common to say that the shoes that usually wear can not be exposed, can not brush, use the wet soft paper, wipe it! This way you need to change socks often, wash your feet! Can\’t do strenuous exercise, especially the body is big, don\’t get up, often run! In addition, more than a few pairs of shoes are replaced, extend the service life! Very practical!

Michael Jordan, born in Brooklyn, New York, 1963, born in Brooklyn, New York, the former US professional basketball players, and the staff scored a guard. Nickname \\\”AIR Jordan\\\”.

Michael Jordan was selected by the Chicago Bulls in the first round of the NBA draft in 1984. The career has played in the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards, and the new show season is selected for NBA. . In the 1986-87 season, Jordan has obtained 37.1 points, and the title of NBA score was first obtained for the first time. In the 1991-93 season, Jordan won the regular MVP (1991, 1992) and 3 consecutive finals for 2 consecutive times.Gothic Bulls 3 defeat the NBA championship. On October 6, 1993, he decided due to his father\’s victim, two years later announced. In 1996, the NBA50 big giant was selected

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. 1


996-98 season, Jordan won the 10th (10 times) NBA score king and the 5th (5 times) regular season MVP, and then led the Bulls 3 Take 6 times) NBA championships, they have been elected a total of the sixth finals MVP. On January 13, 1999, he announced its retirement after the failure of labor and capital negotiations. Two years later, the Washington Wizards announced again. Michael Jordan\’s career is selected in the NBA All-Star lineup (a total of 14 times) and three times to elected NBA All-Star MVP, 10 times selected NBA best lineup, in 1985, NBA optimal lineup, 1988 won NBA The best defensive player in the year, 9 times selected NBA best defensive lineup, 3 won the NBA steal king, winning the NBA All-Star Dunk Competition, 1984 and 1992 won the Olympic gold medal.

On April 16, 2003, Michael Jordan officially announced his retirement after the last Wizard of the career. As a recognized world\’s greatest basketball player, Michael Jordan officially entered the Nah Smith Basketball Celebrity Memorial in September 11, 2009.