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Converse has historic Bosey shoes have been reshaped many times, and this year is returning again in this year\’s autumn and winter series, while staying in a new design element. This EAST Village Explorer family has two shoe types with Chuck Taylor All-Star 70 and Run Star Hike. Let Xiaobian take a look at you!

Converse \\\”EAST Village Explorer\\\” series of real objects

The upper is the main tone of rice white, using a waterproof

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Leather materials to address complex environmental climate.

The shoe is matched with the Bosey iconic ridge rubber shoe, which has a good stability while bringing full retro temperament.

The style is made of light-colored leather and waterproof canvase, and is equipped with Bosey\’s iconic ridge rubber sole, in addition to providing stability, in the adhesive hole Thinking can also secure the front of the painter in place, and the color of the rice and the ink is also added a few displacement industrial atmospheres for this shoe.

Converse \\\”East Village Explorer\\\” series

In the past few years, Converse has historic Bosey shoes have been reshaped multiple times, and the 2019 autumn and winter series, CONVERSE will once again This classic footwear is re-produced and has added a new design element. This two new shoe type is mainly similar to Chuck Taylor All-Star 70 and Run Star Hike, similar to the previous and JW Anderson series, named \\\”

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East Village Explorer The series of shoes has two different types. Since Bosey Boots is designed to design blueprints, excellent waterproof performance is suitable for any climate.

Converse \\\”East Village Explorer\\\” series price

Converse Bosey Water-Repellent Chuck 70 Hi Offers

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Price: $ 100 US dollar

At present, this is now landing in the CONVERSE overseas official website. It is only $ 100, and interested friends may wish to pay more attention.