Anta Hayater generation Christmas color matching officially issued Hayward 1 generation evaluation

Hayward has a player who has been hurt and can be hurt, and he seems to have been giving us some spirit, let us enjoy the happiness of basketball, bringing us to life. Recently Anta is also a survey to sell Christmas color matching of Anta Hayater, let\’s bring you Hayward 1 generation evaluation, let\’s take a look at Xiaobian!

ANTA GH1 XMAS Christmas Offer

Item No .: 112011103-13 Offers: ¥ 699 RMB

On December 25, 2019

ANTA GH1 Xmas Christmas Classic Appreciation

This pair of shoes is in a low-handed shoe body, and in the concept of his favorite tiger injection design. The midsole is equally equipped with a

-flashfoam flash drive technology, the outer floor texture is inspired by the tiger claws, with the Tiger teeth shape, followed by TPU support. It\’s a wide range of Christmas romantic and beautiful holiday themes, but also hidden sharp spirits! The shoes tongue is in Hooven\’s personal logo, highlighting the exclusive identity, and the upper bottom of the upper bottom is completed with KT5 Xmas.

Hayward 1 generation evaluation

Let\’s focus on its cocktick. Equipped with Hayward 1 generation of Flashfoam, I thought he would be the same as KT4 KT5, and then the rebamp limit is a poor level. The result is that we are surprised: this pair of seaover 1 generation followed by the rebamp limit, in fact, is a high state. Even compared to the enclosure 12 of the sheaves the sheaves the ZOOM air cushion.

In addition to itself, individuals think more prominent with flashfoam materials, and it is a bit of its post-locking TPU design. Directly lock the FlashfoAm that followed it in the interior.

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, Hayward 1 generation of shoe is a stitching integrated design rather than separation . When wearing, your front toe top position is just a flat position. Foot-foot package, whole

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is more comfortable, there is no extra hard injury!

Let\’s look at this pair of shoes And wear resistant. Equipped with a module of Puremotion like Ross 1.0 and Rose 1.5. In the manifestationWhether it is changed or started, it is a very good level! There is basically no additional slip.This pair of shoes wear-resistant directions, after our wear-resistant machine test, we found that this pair of wear-resistant wear length is 9.27 mm, which belongs to a general level! Wear resistance, for playing wood flooring, and plasticSome friends, as well as friends who operate occasionally, can still consider!