AJ4 thorn embroidered sale, new Japan limited color debut!

It was originally scheduled to cancel this year\’s Tokyo Olympics because of the epidemic situation, this seems to have not affected major brands for the sale of Japan Tokyo Olympics series. Recently, Nike launched a new day

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Bundong Jinzhi AJ4 embroidery color, how is this new color match, let Xiaobian lead everyone to see it!

AJ4 stab embroidery sale

This new color shoe body is mainly indigo, select white heavy cotton wire to hook, not only very practical and beautiful . In addition, this new color left and right shoes are close to the asymmetric texture distribution, shoes tongue, lace, lining, and follow-up, and the amount of information carrying the classic embroidered classic pattern [123 ] Big W Nike Shoes Womns

shows the exhaustion.

Currently, this new Air Jordan 4 Se \\\”Sashiko\\\” has not released specific release information, but it is reported that this new color color is about to be released this fall, the price is $ 190, like it Little friends may wish to pay attention, Xiaobian will continue to pay attention!

AIR Jordan 4 Se \\\”Sashiko\\\”

Item No .: CW0898-400

Offering Date: 2020 Fall

Offers: $ 190

AJ4 thorn embroidery is worth starting

Of course it is worth starting, AJ4 is still very nice in the AJ\’s series, and is very popular and loved by the flour. The new colorful color value launched by Nike is absolutely not to say, and it is very fashionable! So I like my friends can consider the wave!

AJ4 thorn embroidery how to clean maintenance

First, absolutely can\’t wash the AJ4, should be selected to clean with professional shoes cleaner, the upper is cleaned, the middle Wash with a brush brush with the outer floor. After cleaning, wipe it with a clean rag, and then when you are drying

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Waiting for the shoes to wrap a layer of paper towel to dry, avoid the shoes to be yellowed by the sun.