AJ35 sunset shipping sale AJ35 Dong San Pastries?

Previously, Jordan Brand was strongly held in Beijing Dongdan basketball court to hold \\\”Sunset Dong San\\\” basketball event. Nike has launched a

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AJ35 new sunset east color! It is reported that this new color match is a special version of the special edition of Nike specializes in Beijing Dongdan basketball court. So what is this new color match? Let\’s take a look at everyone!

AJ35 sunset east hair sale

From the current exposure of the real beauty map, this new AJ35 sunset East single body whole body color is extremely rich, select the bright eye Many colors such as red, blue, orange, yellow and purple are made. In the large part, the white plus

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is closed, the stitching design makes this color

Shoes Jordan X Nike

I will be quite eye-catching! At present, this new colorful color has not yet released specific release information. The friends who like, may wish to pay more attention, and Xiaobian will continue to pay more information!

AJ35 Dong single bias code?

AJ35 Dong San is not biased, but the boys generally feet wide, I suggest that everyone can buy a big half code when starting. The big one is conservative, and the foot-thin friend can buy a normal size. If you don\’t know how to choose a size, Xiaobian recommends that you can measure your footgy in advance, then select your size according to the size comparison table.

AJ35 sunset east-how is the cleaning

First separated the lace and the shoes before cleaning, then use the ball shoe cleaner to clean, do not soak the shoes for a long time when cleaning, Avoid opening glue. After the cleaning is complete, remember to wrap the paper towel to dry, don\’t expose it directly to the sun, avoid the shoe. In addition, if the shoes are dirty, Xiaobian recommends that you will use professional shoes cleaning.

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