AJ14 Yellow Farali Spath photos Air Jordan 14 \\\”Ferrari\\\” Offering Information

In 2014, AJ14 sold the Ferrari color, recently opened a new yellow coloring AJ14 Ferrari, then when did this AJ14 Ferrari are on sale? Is AJ14 Ferrari is a limited edition? What is the source of AJ14 Ferrari? AJ14 Ferrari\’s foot


? Let\’s take a look at the information about AJ14 Ferrari yellow together with Xiaobian of interest.

AJ14 Yellow Farali spy photos

The shoe body is yellow suede, with black details, the details of the carbon fiber lines further highlight the tempting charm of the Ferrari sports car.

AIR Jordan 14 \\\”Ferrari\\\” Offering Information

The offer information is released in the summer of 2019, do you like this yellow Ferrari?

Many small partners ask AJ14 Ferrari is a limited edition? AJ14 Ferrari is a limited edition, and each color volume is not large. At present, three or four colors have been sold

AJ14 Ferrari inspiration source


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Nike Shoes Air

Give AJ14 generation The prototype of the shoes. The whole pair of shoes is a run model, which is the same as 550. The ventilation hole is printed in a mold with a 550 ventilation system. The larger floor of the human pattern is more direct to the tires. The most direct, even the logo of the flying people also changed, they won the fake horses. Remove these details, if you like shoes, like your car, you can feel the 2IN1 indulgence and tough performance of the shoes and the car. Time flies to the summer of 98 years, it is an exciting night. Jordan made the ball in the hands of Malong, and the audience of the audience shouted \\\”defense, defense\\\”. With the ball, it is rushing into 3 points, sways over Lacel, jumping. . . Jordan is destined to create great. However, our story is not great Jordan, but his flyer – the black red air jordan14. NIKE is the 14th pair of shoes from the emperor. AJ14 finds the design inspiration from Jordan\’s favorite sports car Ferrari M550. ZOOM Air cushion gas cushion design and super-breathable performance, which also makes it rank as the most comfortable Jordan shoes.