AJ13 manuscript spy photos AJ13 Tinker offer date

Tinker \\u0026 quot; Manuscript version is sold more than once, the replenishment of the last AJ3 manuscript caused a small sensation, recently exposed a pair of Tinker manuscripts in the Tinker manuscript AJ13, although This pair of AJ13 manuscripts is still different from the matte, but even if it still maintained prototype, below

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, come and see AJ13 Manuscript spy photos, as well as this pair of AJ13 manuscripts

AJ13 manuscript spy photos

This time AJ13 \\u0026 quot; Thinker \\u0026 quot; Compared with the previous AJ3, it is well known to us Differential

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Don\’t be bigger. The followback seems to have maintained prototype design.

AJ13 Tinker issuance date

This AJ13 manuscript is expected to be released on August 2, and the specific delivery time is still an official announcement. If you like friends, don\’t miss it!

But it is worth noting that there is no \\u0026 quot; air \\u0026 quot;, it is very likely that there is no air cushion.

How much is AJ13

This official price is ¥ 1099, but if there is no air cushion to slow down, Xiaobian feels too high, how do you think? Let\’s look at the AJ13 manuscript chart

there are two color matching, an obsidian color

Increased straps

After the logo LOGO

Sole pattern and ripple