AF1 shell coloring officially sells Nike AF1?

Nike AF1 is a very classic shoe, the entire shoe version is very popular, the key is that the price is not high, whether it is in matching or collection, AF1 has absolute significance, AF1 It is also officially released in the end of the year, and many color matching is worth a try. Recently, Af1 shell is equipped with

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color is officially released, and what is Nike AF1? Let\’s take a look at Xiaobian!

Nike Air Force 1 Hi Shell Offers

Item No .: BQ6096-700 Offer Price: ¥ 1199 RMB

Offering time: 20

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NiKE Air Force 1 Recently, Nike Air Force 1 specializes in winter design, it is bright, and it is worthy of equipment, which is worthy of you. Add more attention!

Nike Air Force 1 Hi Shell Classic Appreciation

This double Nike Air Force 1 Hi Shell adopts a \\\”shell\\\” shell with a striking fluorescent color For the theme, add unique back shoes on the high-top AF1 shoe

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with lock. The upper is built with a tear light material, and the internal addition of the embroidered military badge emphasizes the dry practice. With the floral wool insoles and lining, there is a good warm effect. Finally, it is supplemented by semi-transparent jelly, and the value of the value is active!

Nike AF1 is air cushion

AF1 air cushion is built into the three-quarters of the palm AIR Sole, from the part of the palm to the palm The palm is free of gas mat, the middle is the middle part of the upper and insole