Adidas Harden LS How about Adidas Harden LS Gray Color Today

Speaking of Harden, I am afraid that as long as I don\’t know the NBA children\’s shoes, no matter what you like to say his big beard, his big name you must have heard it, it is said that there is a Strong Division after Kobe, Adidas\’s personal signature running shoes for it, Harden Ls, recently, has a new color exposure, and the white shoe body of the silver ash looks full of highlights. Today, let\’s take a look at this pair of shoes.

Adidas Harde

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N ls gray and looks good

This pair of adidas Harden LS gray fading goes to the original identity of the leather shoe, using a brightly distinctive gray Texture shows fabric sole, bringing personalities and comfortable wearing. Continuing the full pair of Boost to slow down, cancel the outer TPU package, and the feeling is more soft and comfortable.

Adidas Harden LS Gray Offers

It is reported that this Adidas Harden LS will be launched on December 15th, priced

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$ 160, that is, recently, don\’t miss it.

Adidas Harden LS how

Adidas Harden LS was officially released in July 2017, which is the border that Adidas is launched by Harden. Fashion shoes, LS representative Life Style, with a primeknit weaving upper and comfortable Person, which has a comfortable Palm, with a comfortable Perspective, to be more suitable for daily wear, to eliminate the leather and coating of the shoe The TPU protection design makes the line more coherent, showing a more concise body, and the outer side also exposes Boost particles, more trend of temperament, and there is also a comfortable wearing foot feeling and good practical performance.

But I bought the black color sole with night light but the crystal is oxidized. I don\’t know if there is a carbon board but there is no TPU in front of the shoes. It is not counted.

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Large TPU. There are three rainbow reflectors (actually can be removed …) This shoe is very good but the support performance is serious. The big undergrained road like Harden Vol1 guarantees gripping, I don\’t know why I want to buy this pair of shoes, and I want to use a small partner who wants to use it.