Adidas Dame 6 new color matching is about to sell Lillad 6 wear?

Lillad\’s basketball shoes have always thought that all are very concerned, Adidas basketball shoes are basically very biased towards actual combat, the shoes are very good, and the cost performance is also very good, recent adidas dame 6 new color matching Sales, Lillad 6 wear? Let\’s take a look at Xiaobian!


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DAS Dame 6 new color release information

on sale : At the beginning of 2020

Offering price: about $ 150

Lillad\’s new generation of signature shoes Adidas Dame 6 believes that everyone is looking forward to for a long time. Although the domestic has not been released, new color is exposed. Recently, there are two very bright new color matching.

Adidas Dame 6 new color classic appreciation

One of this pair of shoes continues yin and yang color design, using an outer green color pattern. The inner midpoint is printed with a JamFest word. New generation Dame 6 with fabric upper with new Lightstrike Technology

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. The configuration has reached the high-end level, foot feel and performance of Harden Vol.4. Although the exposure has been exposed, Dame 6 has not yet been officially released. It is reported that to wait until the beginning of next year, everyone should wait patiently.

Lillaer 6 wear-resistant?

Lillad 6 soles integrally adopted \\\”a\\\” word pattern, and divides the sole into more than a dozen The small area, different regions are different depending on the use, and the direction of the pattern is different. The upper lines are very deep, although there is no horse brand rubber, but according to the 5th generation of experience, wear resistance should still be good.