Yeezy Joint Ross Bark Shoes Introduction: Rose wife is first to sell, will be released!

Recently, he exposed nearly 300 pairs of Yeezy new shoes in INS. The two Yeezy and Ross\’s joint names were the most concerned about Xiaobian, the appearance of the cave shoes like a foam, The overall design is also very advanced. When I started looking at the appearance, Xiao Bian wanted to vomit, and the brain cave is really big, there is not much nonsense, the following

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Let\’s take a look.

YEEEZY Joint Ross Bear Introduction

I don\’t know what everyone see is the first feeling of the real thing. Xiaobian feels very like fish bones, although these years Yeezy costumes Brands have made some special cooperation, but this may be the first cooperation in Yeezy shoes history! Yeezy shoes have been sold for so many years, and there has been no cooperation has not been opened. The model of the hot model is indeed designed with Kanye\’s design style, it is difficult to hand over.

Ross wife is first on the foot, will be released!

Recently Ross wife Alaina A. Ander

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It has been first on the foot, you can see that the outline is extremely wide, but it is likely to wear Is a pair of oversized Sample. Such shoes are exported to the street, definitely is very eye-catching, the current price and goods are not very clear, you can pay more attention.

According to the statement, it may soon ushered in the sale, whether it is true for sale to be confirmed.

YEEZYX DRRK ROS joint name, how do you think

Let\’s take a look at the hot discussion of netizens:

I don\’t understand why someone Will you like, is it used to wear it;

Every time I see these designs, I will relieve a breath, the wallet holds;

Whole airplane cup gives you these shoers ?