When did Nick Yang Zhejiang Guangsha last, Nick Yang CBA\’s first show?

In January, the Internet broke the signing of Nick and Zhejiang Guangxia team, and then Yang Shu himself is in Weibo official, this

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news, But until now, there is no news in now

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, can be said to be a stone sea, then when is Nick CBA\’s first show? Let\’s look forward to the Xiaobian of the fun street.

Nick Yang Zhejiang Guangxia invoked

In January this year, the multi-party media broke the news, and Guangsha had signed the next NBA player Nick, after Nick Yang. It is also confirmed that this news is, but it is strange that since Nick Yang Guan Xuan, after this news, he will follow the sea, whether it is Guangxia or Yang Shu, he has not mentioned

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, near During the online network, I broke out Nick Yang may not come to CBA, and the foreign aid of the Guangxia team\’s contract has also arrived in China. So will Nick Will Nick Will Nick? We look forward to it.

Which day

when Nick Yang Guan Xuan Xuan, the first show came out of January, now in February is over. Both sides have not exploded the relevant information, plus now the CBA isolation policy is 14 + 7 + 7, a total of 28 days, if you come to CBA in the past, or you can catch up with the fourth stage, but There is no news in recent time, and Xiaobian feels really hanging.

If Nik Tehu is coming to Zhejiang Guangsha playing data

Guangsha current problem is in the air of the defender, two major centers cannot be effectively connected Nixi as a king of the world-famous world, with Kobe Tongha 4 and a half passed the ball to assisted once, looking at the Nixi, who is not enough to fight, one assists, can pick up the burden of Guangsha, all the results We need to wait until Nixiang is known.

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