UB2021 Trint Embroidered UB2021 Trint and AJ4 Trint Which is good

Previously, Nike launched AJ4 stab embroidery attracted many attention, recent Adidas, also launched a new UB thorn embroidery color! You sing me to debut, these two competition can not be unspeakable! So what is the new UB2021 thorn embroidery that Adidas launched? Let\’s take a look!

UB2021 Trint Embroidered

This new UB2021 thorn embroidery in Adidas is built into denim materials, and the upper is not used. Symmetrical

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The embroidery style is used to embellish the dark blue adidas logo, which is a bitter with the body. The followed by the part is still white over-thick boost to form a huge front and rear high difference in the appearance. Overall, this color match seems to be not bad! At present, this new color match has not yet released the specific release information. If you like, your friends may wish to pay attention, Xiaobian will continue to pay attention!

UB2021 Trint and AJ4 Trint which is embroidered

UB2021 Trint embroidered and AJ4 thorn embroidered these two shoes are quite good, but the color is small It is considered that the AJ4 thorn embroidered seems to be more winning. As for the feeling, of course, UB2021 is more comfortable! The postmodel soft bomb, the front palm is not too comfortable!

AJ4 stab embroidery occupies a certain first advantage, the popularity is quite good, the value is really online. However, this colorful plastic sheet is too worn, such a design. In addition, although these two color matching values \\u200b\\u200bcan, it is necessary to pay attention to the tattan embroidery test and match. Everyone is mixed with

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, it is necessary to have the next effort ~ [

Trint embroidery is China?

The bastard embroidery is not the traditional craft of my country, which is a traditional embroidery technique in the northeast of Japan. It is reported that the early tattan embroidery is mainly used for the thickening and sewing of clothes, with the development of the economic level, the use is gradually changed by the practical direction. Because this technique is relatively simple, it has developed into a purely decorative embroidery art near modern thorn embroidery.

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