PG3 NASA Baozi Color Offers PG3 NASA Baozi Color Introduction

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the United States, Nike has launched two PG3 NASA colorful shoes this year. Recently, there is news that Nike will expose the new color PG3 NASA release information. I received a lot of fans,

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loved, didn\’t say let\’s take a look at this pair of shoes.

PG3 NASA Baozi Color HD Trim Reprelation

This PG3 NASA Baoqing color continues to see the previous NASA theme, but uses a blue mesh shape and orange patent leather decoration design.

This pair of shoes and shoes are part of the space silver design that makes a powerful technology. Swing Swoosh logo

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is more beautiful, highlighting NASA space theme.

In the tongue part is not all the exclusive logo of Paul George, but used in the upper left shoe-tongue part is Paul George\’s exclusive logo, and the right shoe part is Used American flag. The followback flag is the sign of NASA and Apollo No. 14, respectively.

PG3 NASA Baozi Color Offering Information

At present, this pair has announced formal release information, delivery time is 1

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0 On the 25th, the sale price is 899 yuan. Friends who like this pair of shoes can look forward to it.

NAKE PG 3 NASA \\\”NASA Blue\\\”

Item No .: CI2666B-400

Offer date: October 25

Offer price: ¥ 849

PG3 Nasa PE

Nike Pg3 Nasa \\\”Apollo Missions