NIKE Air Force No. 1 low-hand black and white sale? Nike af1 low \\\”split\\\” is about to be released

Nike AF1 series can be said in a few years in the past few years, the high school low three versions are all in the sale, recently, Nike announced Nike AF1 low-glyset. The new color, black and white match, it seems quite a type, let\’s take a look at this NIKE AF1 LOW \\\”split\\\” when it takes it.

Nike AF1 low

How check original nike shoes

Help white looks?

White lychee leather combined with black Niu Bi leather, the soles also use the same black and white segmentation method Make it hit

Nike Boots

The color effect is particularly attractive, so the design, there is a shadow of the yin and yang concept, and there is also a temperament of Scarface, and believe that the personal index of the foot is also extremely high. .

Nike AF1 LO

Nike lanyard

W \\\”SPLIT\\\” release information

It is reported that this black and white color Nike Af1 Low \\\”split\\\” will In the near future, item number: 905345-004, the specific date is temporarily unknown, like the small partner can continue to pay attention to us, we will be announced for you the first time.

How is the NIKE AF1 series

Air Force 1 has been based on the exquisite workmanship of Nike technology. It is based on that, \\\”initial six people\\\” shoes and clothing will follow the overall guidelines set by the Air Force 1 series. In addition, there are six pairs of specially designed Air Force 1 LO sneakers, which use the portrait of each member of each member in the first six people. The important design element of \\\”first six people\\\” costumes is to grasp the descriptive language of each member stadium. It can make the \\\”first six people\\\” on the impact of the AF1 cultural spirit effectively clear. Moses Malone gives Air Force 1 ambitious temperament, and the durability of the shoes is sourced from Mamar Wilkes, Michael Kapa, \\u200b\\u200breveals a driving force that is constantly transcending to higher realm. \\\”The initial six people\\\” in the style of the AF1, the styles of the AF1, while the coherence of sports shoes is best proved in Bobi Jones\’s stadium. It is best to interpret Air Force 1, the pure nature of \\\”The initial six people\\\” Calvin Nit, his grasp of the scene is like his endorsement, and it will benefit a lot.