Li Ning anti-rectangular teenager is limited to sale?

. Where can I buy Li Ning Tien Changan Junior Series? Let\’s take a look at everyone!

Li Ning anti-rectangular teenager is limited to sale

The launch of Li Ning from the launch of the anti-rectangular juvenile series is limited to sale, will be welcoming this week. The new series combines street basketball with the original local trend culture, and is quite long.

At the same time, this anti-Changan series is also \\\”less than Chuan\\\”, \\\”not coming out of Shanghai\\\”, \\\”Only Chu\\\”, through the collision of ancient characters and basketball culture, Creating a aesthetic design of classical and modern penetration. This time, the landmark element such as Huashan and Big Wild Goose Pagoda will be built around the ancient city of Xi\’an.

The new Changan series does not include anti-standing shoes, but also covering jerseys, t-shirts, sweaters, trousers, accessories, etc.

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Product And also add to the skate-theme design, you can say that this anti-BadFive Changan teenager special edition shoes, the lineup is quite huge!

Li Ning anti-rectangular teenager bought

Heartborn friends see here,

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This time Li Ning anti-heroes Changan [ 123] Nike womens Sneakers

The latest sales information is as follows, let\’s take a look!

Li Ning anti-rectangular teenager is worth starting?

Of course it is worth ahead! Li Ning\’s anti-standing performance is very good, the middle bottom quality, enabling the Perspective of Lightfoam Technology, and the post-palm choice is filling, and the actual performance is absolutely ast. In addition, the Changan series theme design in this launched is to be eye-catching, and the upper foot effect is also very good. Whether it is shoes or items, it is quite worth it! So likes friends can consider ~