KD12 \\\”YouTube\\\” color release information KD12 \\\”YouTube\\\” coloring material appreciation

In the beginning of this year, Durant was signed a worth of money with YouTube. This time Nike also sold a pair of KD12 \\\”YouTube\\\” color, or it is very consistent with Durant\’s heart, then this pair How is KD12 \\\”Youtube\\\” coloring physical map? Let\’s take a look at the Xiaobian of the fun street.

KD12 \\\”YouTube\\\” color release information

At the beginning of this year, it was also to sign a value of worth a worth of value with YouTube. It seems that Durant also has a net red dream. In order to commemorate the cooperative relationship between Durant and YouTube, Nike is even more inspiration to create a pair of exclusive colors, first come to enjoy this pair of shoes.

With the latest boots Nike Kd 12 as blueprint, integrate into the black, white, red three-color makeup swo

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Nike Sandals form OSH has a strong visual impact in black lines.

In the tongue, the tongue, but also highlighting this colorful taste design, white bottom cloth | to play, suspend, subtitle, etc., and KD logo Also integrated into the partnership between the two parties.

The current news said that this pair of KD 12 \\\”YouTube\\\” will be available on October 26, priced is $ 150, interested friends, you should pay more attention.

Nike Kd 12 \\\”YouTube\\\”

Item No .: CQ7731-900

Offering date: October 26

Offer price


KD12 can be worn as a daily casual shoe

Total Current causes, leading to the sole sole that is relatively hard. For basketball, the cement land is still paid, and it is fearless. But if you say that it is a casual shoe, the shoes are relatively heavy, it is relatively hard, and it will feel uncomfortable and not suitable for jogging, walking, unless the strength is high, it is relatively high, otherwise wearing the street looks. The like boat, especially cumbersome, nor well. If the blade wants to wear it, it is no problem, if it is a casual shoes, the Air Force1 series, the Alpha series, etc.

KD12 how to

As I personally, the shoe can definitely match the title of the strongest KD shoe, and this people are increasingly picky for the ball.In the environment, KD 12 is undoubtedly the excellent existence.

Purchase recommendation (tester Trial experience):

1. The late shoe is narrow, it is recommended to buy

2. Suitable for various technical features and fieldsPlayers on the upper position.

3. Top-class medium performance,

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did not affect the site.

4. The breathable is relatively weak, according to your own needs, as appropriate.

5. Obstel is easy to wear, it is recommended to wear indoors or high-quality external field conditions.