FILA Vintage Snoors DISRUPTOR LOW How FILA X Patta Renewal Bark Shoes Disruptor LOW This month is released

FILA\’s famous sports brand in 2017, Joint Street Brand Patta launched a retro basketball shoes DISRUPTOR LOW, which is no wonder, after all, 2018 is retro year, say this double basketball shoes look Still quite good, let\’s take a look at when this pair is on sale with Xiaobian.

FILA Vintage Bed Shoes DISRUPTOR LOW How to

FILA Saids to join hands on the Netherlands street brand Patta, returning the classic disruptor low retro shoe. Taking rice white as the main color, use high-end leather to create a shoe body, the lace hole is 3M reflective design, the body, and the mid-bottom printed logo.

FILA X PATTA Renewood Bark Shoes Disruptor Low Offering Information

Fila X Patta Disruptor Low will be on December 9th, December 9 Amsterdam and London stores then landed on December 11th.

Patta brand introduction

just a piece of shoe store Patta, under the leadership of three main people Edson, Gee, Masta Lee, In just ten years, it has developed into the current fashion name and the street force that must not be ignored. There is a certain influence in the Netherlands and the world. This successful inspirational entrepreneurial story is absolutely not lucky and accidentally. .

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Patta is now located in the famous historic city of Amsterdam, Zeedijk, in 2004, was originally just a shoe-buyer shop. The founder Edson Sabajo and Guillaume Schmidt are looking for all parts of the world, bringing back to those rare shoes that are not bought in the Netherlands. Today, Patta develops from a shoe store into a very influential street brand, which is inevitably reminds us of Kith under Ronnie Fieg. Similar transformation process,

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The biggest commonality between the two is – joint name. The joint cooperation can not only attract eyeballs, expand the brand influence, but also bring collisions between different styles and cultures, fuse, and produce a lot of fresh elements. The brand and the brand are just like the different branches of the river, there is always an intersection and running forward, after all, united power is always more powerful.