DUNK Camouflage Exemption Dunk Camouflage Publishing Code?

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Black Nike Shoes for Women

, Zhang Yang personality has been welcomed and loved by many shoe fans. Recently Nike launched a new camouflage with color matching, then how is this new 鸳鸯 配 配 配 现 表? Let\’s take you a look at you!

DUNK Camouflage

This brand new color shoe body is in black ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Men

Camouflage is decorated, and the body quality is created with a sanding leather. The overall color of the shoe body seems to be quite a military camouflage style, and the design brings that the destruction of the traditional solid color is highlighted! At present, this new color match has not released specific release information, and likes friends may wish to pay more!

Nike Dunk Low Se \\\”Oil Green\\\”

Item No. DH0957-001

Offering Date: Spring 2021

Offers: $ 100 [123

DUNK Camouflage 鸯 码 码

Dunk Camouflage 鸳 配 Color Some bias code, because this color shoes are somewhat thick, in addition, Nike Dunk SB\’s shoe part is slightly narrow So there will be some pressure on the back. So when you start this color, you can choose a large size if your foot is wide or the back is high

Nike Shoes Discount

, you can buy a big one.

Dunk camouflage 鸳 怎么 How to clean

When cleaning this color, Xiaobian recommends that you are proud to use professional shoes to clean cleaning, try to avoid overhaul brush brush, This will not cause harm to the surface of the shoes. If the shoe is not very dirty, you can wipe it with wipes. If the shoes are very dirty, Xiaobian recommends that everyone will be sent to professional shoe store cleaning.

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