Clot Xaj1mid Fearless Offers Fearless White Silk HD

Today, Chen Guanxi\’s Colt and Nike, the AF1 Blue Silk, launched, launched a lot of love. Today, there is a news that Clot also creates an AJ 1 \\\”Fearless\\\” series with Jordan Brand to create an Air Jordan 1 MID \\\”fearless\\\” series. I believe this news is very exciting to the majority of alignment fans. Now come with Xiaobian to see this airjordanmid \\\”fearless\\\”.

Air Jordan 1 MID \\\”fearless\\\” HD substantially appreciation

We can see the joint AIR Jordan 1 MID \\\”Fearless\’s skin of the whole shoes and the Nike logo all are The use of stimulus is made.

This AIR Jordan 1 MID \\\”Fearle

Nike Men Shoes

SS is made of white nylon material to create, full print CLOT

Nike Air Max 90 Women

printed, quite eye-catching, but also auspicious meaning.

The copper coil decoration of the lace is a pen. Perfect injection of Chinese elements into it.

AIR Jordan 1 MID \\\”Fearless delivery information

This time the Air Jordan 1 MID\\\” Fearless delivery information is around December 7. The price of this shoe is currently not announced. We can refer to the value of AF1 blue silk just sold. Xiaobian estimates the AIR Jordan 1 MID \\\”fearless sale price should be replenished than the previous AF1 blue silk. Although this shoe has no exposure details but it is expected that this shoe should also make the tear of tear elements into it. Like friends Timely to look forward to the AIR Jordan 1 MID \\\”fearless.

Clot X Air Jordan 1 MID \\\”Fearless\\\”

Off date: December 7, 2019

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