AJ3 x TS spy photos AJ3 x Travis scott offer information

About this year\’s Travis Scott is constantly exposed, it seems that Nike is still very powerful, recently foreign media exposure TS joint AJ 3 or will be released, for this information, you are excited, let\’s take a look at the online Explosive related spy photos.

AJ3 x TS spy photos

According to foreign media soledebrief broke the news, TS jointly named AJ

SKI Mask Nike

3 is best available this year, At present, the sample map has been exposed. According to the picture shown, this TS AJ 3 used TRAVIS Scott my favorite dark brown! Also pay tribute to the AJ 3 series classic burst design, which is very coordinated.

AJ3 X Travis Scott Off Information

There is currently no detailed release of news exposure, this new TS joint name will be commercially available or unknown, the only one can determine Yes: The heat of TS is really unprecedented.

For the AJ3, it is possible to wear a big basketball shoes. Although AJ3 is a pair of lives

Nike 3 Shoes Wallpaper

real basketball shoes, but the distance is far away, if you pursue practical performance, there will be Better choice.

Kobe In \\\”Time\\\”, he often wears his own colorful AJ3. In fact, the SHOX series of NIKE mainly pushed it is not far from now, Kobe can still wear AJ3 actual combat, let\’s basketball in our basketball. The AJ3 in the bureau is not a problem.

TS X AJ Series Appreciation

Travis Scott X Nike 2020 Offering Plan, take a look! There are 5 new joints available in the sale: Dunk Sb Low, Air Max 270 React, Air Jordan 5, Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 6.

It can be said that there are 4 pairs of 5 pairs of new joints. There are dozens of shoes in the NIKE camp. If these joints are really sold, they will probably set off a wave of blood.

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AIR Jordan 3 \\\”UNC\\\” that will be debred next month is a recent new one of the highest pays.

With the same dress as the North Carousel AIR Jordan 3 PE, although less shoes, LO

Matthew M Williams Nike Shoes

Go, but still has a richUniversity coloring temperament.