AJ1 Premium Off Information AJ1 High Premium Introduction

Now is the early autumn, now the current AJ1 market is also a great vision, basically a day, a price, recent AJ1 has an exposure of a shoe with wheat color matching, then AJ1 Pr

zapatos nike

When is Emium for sale? Is the AJ1 high premium real map look good? How much is AJ1 premium? Let\’s take a look at the relevant information about AJ1 Premium together with Xiaobian of interest.

AJ1 premium release information

This double color color will be officially released in October this year, the specific release date has not yet been announced, the offer price is ¥ 14040 yen, we will continue to pay attention and bring Subsequent report!

Item No.

Airpod Pro Case Nike

: 525317-700

Offer date: October 2018

[ 123] ¥ 14040 yen

AJ1 High Premium Introduction Appreciation

The upper is brown, the color is deeper than the wheat color colors, the same use Suede material to create a suede,

The middle part is added to the gray mesh material stitching, highlighting the overall level, the tooling style is rich, and it is very suitable for the autumn and winter season.

AJ1 wheat color how to match

The pants style is best to pick up the feet, do not have to be tight, but Pants can\’t be too big. Top color matching

Nike TW Golf Shoes

Can not be too jumped, most styles can be.

Shard blue slim jeans, the best baseball jacket, recently popular national trend, you can try, good.

Champion\’s mesh shorts, super comfortable, breathable and cool, the ball shoes are also suitable

If your legs are fine, I suggest you match the slim straight pants, this will It seems that your feet are very large and it looks uncoordinated. If your legs are thick, it is recommended that you match the straight beam casual pants or jeans, so your thighs can be able to correspond to the size of this panel. If your legs are particularly thick, you will be able to wear loose straight, play some hiphop feelings, neck wear brightly sparkling big necklace, this will focus on your neck, not your thick thigh.