AJ1 high-year-old reissue version lightning color matching how Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG \\\”Game Royal\\\” is released

AJ1 high-top first year reissue version of the lightning color

White nike hoodie

is the extreme of the reissue version, this colorful knows which shoes are all the shoes, interesting network small Tell everyone, it is a series of Fujihara Hao, the classic should be imitated, it is true, this is not wrong, and the imitation is not necessarily poor, just like this replica version, it is also quite good.

AJ1 high-year-old resolution version lightning color

must be quite good, perfect quality, plus classic modeling and style, achieve this pair of AJ1, interest The stream network is not waiting for it.

Perfect is perfect

AJ1 high-top year

Nike Puffer Jacket

Reissue Lightning Color Detail Appreciation

[123 ]

There is a small lightning sign, and the careful friends have found

and other than the small lightning logo at the lace, the rest is different from Fujihara. This pair of AJ1 may be a good alternative when the prices of Fujihara Hao is high.

Take a look at the sole, it is also a quite good design

All in all, if you like it Friends can hurry.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG \\\”Game Royal\\\” When is released

Air Jordan 1 Retro High Og \\\”Game Royal\\\”

Item No .: 555088-403

[ 123] February 2018

Offers: $ 160